Inspiring Future Leaders

Nurturing engaged, local people to transform their ideas into local projects through seed funding in Brighton and Derwent Valley communities.

What is Inspiring Future Leaders?

Inspiring Future Leaders (IFL) is a capacity building leadership program run by Centacare Evolve Housing in the Brighton and Derwent Valley municipality. The program supports and empowers local community members to gain skills and confidence in planning and delivering projects in community. Seed funding and supports are provided to bring the projects to life. This year our program is focused around communications for community projects.


The aim of the program is to nurture engaged, reflective local people to gain confidence and skills that will enable them to transform their communities. We believe that supporting community leaders will enhance their potential to lift and break the cycle of stigma and disadvantage for their communities.


The program is currently being delivered in Brighton and the Derwent Valley. There is no cost to participate. It is open to anyone over the age of 18 years, with a particular focus on people who have had a gap in education or employment. The program is run over school terms to support parents and maximise participation.

Program Objectives

  1. Individual Self-Awareness – Support local people to identify their personal resources and strengths and build confidence to open up their life opportunities.
  2. Skills Development - Receive hands-on training, skill building in conception of ideas, project management and communication.
  3. Network Expansion - Learn from each other and gain an understanding of local stakeholders. Provide networks to leverage their growth and support their projects.
  4. Seed funding - We provide seed funding to deliver real projects in local community
  5. Practical One-on-one Project Support - We ensure the project implementation is supported to turn it into a community-enhancing reality and provide ongoing supports.

Program Uniqueness

Inspiring Future Leaders Uniqueness
  • A one-on-one coaching model, underpinned by an understanding of capacity building
  • A dedicated coach for ongoing supports and mentorships.
  • Partnerships are essential for program delivery and support opportunities local projects.
  • Seed funding provided for projects under a sustainable model
  • Peer network of all participants

Program Model - The Three Stages

  1. Individual & Skills Growth
    Participants undertake the learning of skills and growing of self and confidence with strong supports from specialised services and stakeholders. The program content consists of 12 learning sessions, which focus on:
    - Self discovery, emotional intelligence and confidence
    - Team work and conflict resolution
    - Communication, community awareness and listening
    - Research and grant writing
    - Stakeholders and partnerships
  2. Seed Funding & Project Concept
    Participants get the opportunity to pitch their community projects to CEH for seed funding. During this stage participants receive intense support and training from the Coach to ensure they are presentation ready and project deliverable.
  3. Community Project Delivery
    In the final stage, the NLP coach ensure the participants can deliver their projects successfully in community. We continue to support all participants for 12 months. All participants are linked with past participants to grow peer support networks. Stakeholders are vital to this part of this project and ensure continued journey connection, learning and self-discovery.


We work in collaboration with several organisations, agencies and educational institutions to ensure the program is successful but more importantly to ensure participants are linked in with key people to flourish in community.

Sustainability and Evaluation

The program is evaluated annually and we are currently working on our first cost benefit analysis in 2022

Want to get involved?

Expressions of interest will re-open in early July 2022. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for updates.