Our Team

Our Management Team

Our team are highly qualified professionals responsible for strategic development and leadership, operational plan execution, and the high level management of our people and performance.

Tenancy Management Team

Our tenancy officers are the main point of contact with our tenants. Tenancy officers are available to provide information about leases and tenancies and manage properties in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act. They assist with the initial viewing and sign up process, are a contact for information, conduct property inspections, and monitor rental payments.

Maintenance Team

Our maintenance team ensures repairs and maintenance are carried out in accordance with our leases and the Residential Tenancy Act. If repairs are urgent, they will arrange a quick response to maintain safety. The team will often assess damage to check the best way to carry out repairs or to help tenants manage repairs they are responsible for. Our maintenance team also manages our schedule of property upgrades, because we are committed to improving the quality of the homes we rent. We have a number of contractors who carry out work for us, and our maintenance team is responsible for ensuring they do a good job.

Community Wellbeing Team

The community wellbeing team undertakes our wide range of community engagement and development initiatives and individual wellbeing activities. Our reception team are the first point of contact for tenants and the community. Our Community Wellbeing Officer supports our tenant engagement activities, events and partnerships. The Community Wellbeing team includes our Client Support Coordinators who work with tenants who are at risk of not being able to maintain their tenancy. It also encompasses our Community Projects Officer who facilitates and delivers the Inspiring Future Leaders program.